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How to Create a Home Inventory for an Insurance Claim

Insurance providers recomend that home owners keep an inventory ist of belongings such as furniture, electronics, art they recomend a photograph or video inventory as the best form of docummentation.  The reason is so that you have proof that you owned this property and also servers as a way to value the item. 

How exactly can one compile a video or photo inventory? What equipment do you need to film, and what items should you photograph? Is the camera or video recorder on your smart phone enough. And how often do you need to update this visual inventory. 
Insurance professionals say there is no rule for how to gather this  visual inventory. The goal is to provide enough video or photographic evidence to allow insurance adjustors to accurately determine how much your item is worth. If you want to get the most money possible after a disaster or break-in then take the clearest photos or the best video possible of your most valuable items. DDDR uses a combibation of 3D technology with video and photo stills to document a life like reality experience that is sharable with anyone anywhere in the world. 

This minor task can become very valuable after a mishap. Usually people will regret not compiling inventory when is too late don't let this happen to you. 

Is it necessary to take a physical inventory? 

An inventory of your valuables will help you in the long run when filling a claim. As to the quality or number of pictures or video minimal is enough as long as itmes are in clear view. 

Where should this documentation be stored? 

Disaster comes in many forms and water and fire are the most dangerous and distructive, so if you store paper docuamnetation keep it in a safe water tight location or in an area that a fire would not destroy it. Keep in mind that just intense heat can melt a USB drive so keeping digital files on cloud is always the best option. DDDR includes a media management platform for you to store your digital files like pictures and videos as well as documents such as receipts or reference material. 

​"Valuables such as jewelry, fine art, furs, silverware and collectibles should be covered under a valuable-articles policy to ensure the broadest coverage," she says.