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Our marketing plan has been designed to allow people just like me and you to share the benefits of properly documenting a property and tangible goods in order to reduce insurance companies from denying claims because of lack of or improper documentation. 

A home is the largest investment that most people make, we protect it with impact windows and doors, proper roofing, and many other expensive preventive measures. One of those expensive measures is property damage insurance, this expense is something we hate to pay, but we love to have if there is a disaster. Unfortunatly insurance companies are not on your side when is time to file a claim. Sad , but true.

DDDRecovery is marketing a service that reduces and in some cases, will eliminate all or most of the red tape when filing a claim. 

Our expert 3D photographers are trained to capture and scan a property so that we map the complete structure to scale. This means that we have your house in 3D format covering pretty much every inch of a home. In addition we provide the ability to tag items within the 3D model to specifically point out things like damage, product description, measurments, and even links to external specifications from a product manufacturer. 

We also provide our clients with a safe way to keep this information, we digitally format everything and create a unique property mini-site where a subscriber can upload and maintain content once DDD Recovery delivers all the content. So if you buy a $2,000 TV after we did the service you can take a picture of it and uploaded to the account together with the proof of purchase.  This allows you to always have an updated inventory of your valuables.

At a time of a claim you will be so orginaze that your filing process will fly through the process and get you the maximun settlement amount possible. 

Is all this worth 1-1/2 hours of someones time and as little as $349? 

Now that you know about this protection, as an affiliate you will be helping home owners, and in the process getting a $75.00 compensation and even as high of $100 per lead if you refer more than 20 people a month. 
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